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Upcoming Bookchapters

  • APA Handbook of Neuropsychology: Vol 1, Chapter 8, Syndromes of Limb Apraxia: Developmental and Acquired Disorders of Skilled Movements, J. Randerath (2023)
  • Oxford Textbook of Cognitive Neurology and Dementia, 2nd edition: Apraxia, G. Goldenberg, K. Hogrefe & J. Randerath (accepted)
  • Neurorehabilitation, 3. Auflage: Apraxie, J. Randerath (accepted)

Opinion Article: Career Prospects for Future Nonlicensed Clinical Neuropsychologists as Scientist-Practitioners (2022)

Article in German is available via this link

Abstract: The current comprehensive changes to the university psychology curriculum in Germany are also changing the qualification paths of those interested in clinical work. ... the perspectives and qualification paths via a research-oriented master’s degree in psychology (without the license to practice) are still unclear for potential junior scientists interested in the field of clinical neuropsychology. In this article, we outline the current situation from the viewpoint of a junior research group and propose a combined scientific and clinical neuropsychological qualification as an option for scientist-practitioners. Hypothetically, by exploiting synergies, this model (or an adapted version thereof) could form an important bridge between academic and patient-centered fields of practice and provide a pillar for securing applied research in clinical neuropsychology and health services. ... We put this model up for discussion ....

Leibinger, K., Bauer, I., Gölz, M., Stoll, S., Tempfli, M., Aschenbrenner, S., and Randerath, J. (2022). Berufsperspektive Scientist Practitioner für zukünftige nichtapprobierte klinische Neuropsycholog_innen. Zeitschrift für Neuropsychologie.

Opinion Article: A Simple Illustration of a Left Lateralized Praxis Network (2020)

Link to pdf

Author: Jennifer Randerath

Published Date: 2020

DOI: 10.18148/kops/352-2-963roebfu0cr4

Randerath, Jennifer, 2020. A Simple Illustration of a Left Lateralized Praxis Network. Konstanz, Germany: Institutional Repository of the University of Konstanz (KOPS).

Bookchapter 'Limb apraxia' (2018)

Link to publisher

Authors:  Laurel J. Buxbaum and Jennifer Randerath

In: The Parietal Lobe, Volume 151, Handbook of Clinical Neurology series

Published Date: 1st March 2018

Series Volume Editors: Giuseppe Vallar H. Branch Coslett

Dissertation-Book: Aspekte des Werkzeuggebrauchs: Vom Greifen bis zur Ausführung. - Behaviorale und Neuronale Korrelate der Apraxie (2009)

Author: Jennifer Randerath

Published Date: 2009

ISBN-13: 978-3899599459